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Behold: the idiot-proof Anzac biscuit recipe

This is my father's Anzac biscuit recipe.

As you'd expect of a male born in 1928, he is pretty old school. But there were two things he enjoyed cooking - damper and Anzac biscuits. He would regularly turn up with a Tupperware container full of freshly baked bikkies. The kettle would go on and we'd have a cuppa while munching on his latest batch, deliberating whether they were as good as the last.

The photo at the top is the last batch of Anzacs he baked for us before he moved to an aged care facility last year. And they set the bar pretty high.

He gave us his handwritten recipe (see below) and insisted it was idiot-proof. So this year the wife and I took up the challenge and let's say it's a work in progress. Idiot-proof may be a tad strong. Last night we followed the recipe to the letter and as you'll see from the photo here, while not a total disaster they're not a patch on the originals.

Sadly, we can’t take Dad some to taste and get his expert opinion as he’s in lockdown but we did Facetime him and showed him what they looked like. “Good first attempt,” he said.

Thought I’d share his recipe for this classic Aussie bikkie. Good luck.

Here’s his handwritten recipe.

This article first appeared in the Maitland Mercury, April 24, 2020


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