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Wine review

Yering Station Cabernet Sauvignon 2012, $38

HE SAID: On first sip I thought this Yarra Valley wine was a touch... I don't know... insipid? Certainly if you're after bold flavours, then this isn't your boy. But the more I drank, the more I liked it. It's all about poise and elegance – and it does it well. The nose suggests dark fruits and chocolate, and it delivers just that with ripe blackberry flavours at its core and some dark chocolate complexity. There’s ageing potential here too. I wouldn't mind trying it again in seven or eight years, but as the bottle was finished in a sitting, that's bloody unlikely. Grab a good cheddar and enjoy.

SHE SAID: Now I’d love to give this wine a glowing review, but I don’t have a trained palate like the esteemed wine judges who can deliver a dissertation on a wine’s characteristics based on a small sip, swirl and spit. I need at least half a glass – let’s be honest I prefer an entire glass – before making my mind up but unfortunately RA did take a liking to this wine and by the time I got to pour a glass there was just a skerrick left in the bottle. Those few paltry drops were definitely tasty with red and black berry flavours but, for me, you can shove the phrase less is more you know where!