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A tasty Upper Hunter secret

We're going to let you into a secret – a good one too.

It’s for those people travelling to the Upper Hunter and, specifically, passing through Murrurundi.

Murrurundi has one of our favourite breakfast spots in the state. I know, I know, it’s a bold statement, but nonetheless there it is.

At a time when competition for an outstanding breakfast is red hot – just like competition for a good wine, good coffee or a good tapas – Murrurundi has a star on its hands.

Drumroll please … the Telegraph Cafe, on the main road (on the far side of the town as you head north up the valley towards Tamworth, on the left hand side) is brilliant.

It’s not fancy, or full of itself. It’s a knockabout, friendly sort of place that nails breakfast. Head through the building and go out the back to the shaded tables that sit under a vine-covered pergola.

It’s country relaxed. We usually go for eggs of some sort on toasted Turkish bread with crispy bacon. Bingo!

Toast is well done but not burnt, eggs are invariably cooked to perfection, the bacon crispy without being overdone. Just right for picking up with your fingers at the end and nibbling the crunchy, salty rinds.

Coffee is not a star, but it’s good enough. And besides, it doesn‘t have to be. The relaxed atmosphere, the breakfast itself… they steal the show here. Either way, we're happy.

We've been to this place three or four times now driving up north and haven’t had an experience anything less than terrific.

So look for it as you head through – there’s no big sign or anything, but there’s usually a few cars lined up on both sides of the road as a giveaway.

Okay, we’ve now given up one of our Hunter secrets and while we feel better for it – it is, after all, better to give than to receive - we’ll still be annoyed if we now miss out on a table.

Take note: the last time we came through (early April 2016), it was for sale. Fingers crossed new owners keep things just as they are.

Cafe Telegraph is at 155 Mayne Street, Murrurundi