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Wine review: Mount Avoca pinot grigio

Mount Avoca Limited Release Pinot Grigio 2015 $32.50

HE SAID: Okay, a confession: I'm not a great fan of pinot gris/grigio. We all have our preferences and this variety just doesn't rock my boat I'm afraid. But I must admit, this coppery coloured offering from Victoria's Pyrenees made me reassess somewhat. It has a bit of intrigue about it. It’s fruit sweet in a pinot gris sort of way – ripe, almost overripe but not quite (know what I mean?), with stonefruit and tropical fruits – but then this citrus sharpness comes along, and leads to a spicy, bright acid finish. In other words, it balances out beautifully. Very interesting. No, not enough for me to become a convert, but I sipped a glass and went back for more. Fans of the variety will love this I reckon.

SHE SAID: I see he's let the cat out of the bag... we’re not big grigio drinkers but we do think this zesty Italian white style pairs beautifully with a curry. Yep, we had a hankering for Indian food and wanted a wine that wouldn’t be overwhelmed by the warm spices and rich flavours… and this grigio stood up to the task admirably. The fresh fruit flavours and bright acidity cut through the creamy butter chicken sauce and, funnily enough, both have the same hue as the wine is a light apricot colour, so am guessing had some skin contact. Instead of reaching for a beer next time you order spicy food, give this grigio a go.