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Wine review: Shaw & Smith as good as ever

I must admit that living in semillon heaven here in the Hunter Valley, I don't drink a lot of sauvignon blanc these days, so I was delighted to crack a bottle of Shaw + Smith 2018 the other day. It took me back, and pleasantly indeed.

The crunchy bite was there that I remembered, but beautifully enveloped by sweet natural fruit flavours, pineapple mostly with some red apple notes too. It was clean and zingy and fresh. In a word, bloody nice. Okay, two words. And only $28.

A couple of nights later I tried the stablemate... the 2017 pinot noir ($47). Rock solid. Enticingly fragrant, lovely balance, red fruits, a dollop of mushroom complexity. I remember visiting their cellar door a few years ago – a very nice set-up if you ever get the chance – and was impressed that they didn't do many wines at all. They said they were more concerned about trying to perfect the few varieties they were already making. I think they've added one or two since then, but still very few. Anyway, make no mistake, everything they do, they do well. I thank them for two very enjoyable nights of sipping.